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2Speed is an application perfect for anyone, whether you're a just curious of your location or a high speed enthusiast. 2Speed like other 2ooki applications has a free version and a paid version. The free version is just as awesome as the paid version but provides fewer features. The free version provides you with a mini map and accelerometer; which lets you know where you are, where you're going, and how fast. The map is sensitive to direction which tells you where you're looking and in what direction. You are also provided with your speed, altitude, longitude, and latitude.

The paid version has feature that any sports enthusiast can admire. Along with the features listed above you are provided with your max speed. This is perfect when you want to know how fast you're going but can't take a look at your device. The paid version also provides your max and min G force.

Both the free and paid versions come with a "lock screen" feature that allows the app to stay open while you're driving in your car or snowboarding down the slopes; making it possible to see your fastest speed and max G while or after your done with your run.

2ooki's 2Speed is perfect for any location and can make driving, skiing, skateboarding, biking, etc. fun. Download it today and find out for yourself.


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