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2Tip, Tip / Gratuity % Calculator Free - 2ooki, Corp.

The coolest, user-friendly, and CUSTOMIZABLE tip calculator you'll find today! The easy, fast way to split and calculate tips when out on the town with friends or family.

2Tip is the first tip calculator app to allow you to customize! No longer do you need to settle for the standard tip calculators with boring looks. Check out our cool backgrounds or upload your own pictures from your library! Stand out in the world of tip and gratuity calculators and show off to all your friends!

No matter where you are, you'll easily be able to calculate tips and gratuity for waiters & waitresses, cab drivers, bartenders, movers, masseuses, barbers & hairdressers, carriers, delivery people, valets, and coffee baristas at your favorite restaurants, bars, hotels, barber shops, and other favorite service locations.

No more boring complicated interfaces, 2ooki's 2Tip is extremely easy to use, everything you need on one page!

Customization is made easy. Check out our snapshots below. Everything is so easy to use you'll never use another tip calculator again!

2Tip, or not 2Tip. You'll soon ask how you've tipped without it.

Easy to Use

• Super Cool Features include:
• Custom background controls!
• Add your own pictures or use some of the great ones provided!
• User-friendly interface that makes tip and gratuity calculation easy!
• Calculate bills with a wide variety of percentages and party options!
• Round Tips!
• Round Totals!
• Or don't round at all!
• Portrait and Landscape Options! (Full Version Only!)
• Full Featured App Includes:
• No Advertising!
• Split Checks Option!

Simple Screens


* Full featured app with new awesome features. * Split Checks Feature:
Ever wanted to split up the bill but everyone ordered different things with different prices? Most tip calculators only allow you to divide the bill evenly. With Split Checks you can divide the bill up by party member, by price. No other tip and gratuity calculator does this more seamlessly and easily. So easy, and so personable.

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